Mentorship Program begins

We just rolled out a new mentorship program that will connect each new resident with a practicing OHSU ortho alumni in the Portland area. Andrea Laidlaw, Eric Burgin, Mike Brown, and Seth Senestraro stepped up to be our first mentors- we cannot thank them enough!! We will need more in the coming years, so if you are interested, please let us know. The goals of the program are listed below:

  1. Connect a new resident with a practicing orthodontist who graduated from OHSU and who is not a faculty member. This will give each resident a different perspective of our profession from outside the school, and how the OHSU-style of orthodontics is put to use in the real world.
  2. This relationship will not only benefit the resident, but also the mentor just as much:
    1. The resident can keep the mentor up on current trending clinical or research topics that the mentor may be far removed from, not being in a school setting anymore.
    2. The resident can relay information about how the residency is running and how it can improve.
    3. Non-faculty alumni who have an interest in teaching who may not have enough time to do so, will get the chance to instill wisdom in a younger generation of orthodontists.
  3. Hopefully create a long-term friendship between 2 colleagues.
  4. Help create more of a connection between the alumni association and the residency and foster more of a family dynamic within our alumni association as time goes on.