OHSU Orthodontics Receives NIH Funding for Research

Congratulations to Dr. Laura Iwasaki, Chair of OHSU Orthodontics, and her research team, who were recently awarded $3,042,749 from the NIH to study how mechanobehavior affects of outcomes of orthopedic appliances in brachyfacial and dolichofacial children. Co-investigators at OHSU include Drs. Michelle Kim, Hongzeng Liu, and Jeff Nickel, and Dr. Luigi Gallo of the University of Zurich, and Dr. Ying Liu of East Tennessee State University.

Each year, across the United States, treatment of malocclusions costs > $9.5 billion, and represents the 3rd largest category of dental procedures for people under 20 years of age. Approximately 1/3rd of malocclusions involve treatment of skeletal discrepancies due to mandibular retrognathism. Annual failure rates of mandibular growth enhancement therapies results in direct costs of >$700 million dollars. Furthermore, poor results may require the surgical management of the malocclusion, which adds morbidity risk and considerably more financial costs.

The focus of the NIH award to OHSU is to identify how TMJ intracapsular mechanics, and day- and night-time muscle activities differentially affects outcomes of orthopedic appliances in diagnostic subgroups of growing children. The long-term goal of the research is to identifying practical ways to improve outcomes and reduce the financial burdens of unsuccessful therapies.

The proposal submitted by the research team to the National Institute for Dental and Craniofacial Research was extremely well received, as noted by a consistent comment from amongst the reviewers who assessed the proposal.

“The novel outcomes of this research will be critical foundations for future clinical approaches that modify mechanobehavior to achieve more successful and predictable orthopedic therapies in children with jaw discrepancies”.


AAO Annual Session 2019 - Los Angeles, CA

For everyone that went and anyone that missed out, the AAO Annual Session was held in Los Angeles, CA from May 3 - 7, 2019. It’s always fun to grab a glimpse of cutting edge technology, get updates on all orthodontic topics, and re-connect with colleagues from around the world. The meeting was a blast and was highlighted by a few extra special events, some new and some returning:

Laura Iwasaki Receives the AAOF Blair Award

On Sunday, May 5th, OHSU Orthodontic Department Chair Laura Iwasaki was awarded the Eugene and Pauline Blair AAOF Distinguished Service Award. Laura has been serving as the AAOF Planning And Research Committee Chair (PARC), which funds $750,000 annually to support orthodontic research. In addition, Laura spoke at the event with a lecture titled Optimal Loads for Tooth Movement. She continues to mentor residents through meaningful research projects and helps improve the critical thinking capabilities necessary for their orthodontic careers. A warm congratulations to Laura!

Riddhi Desai Competes in the Charlie Schultz Competition

Pictured: Paige Riddle Covington (U Buffalo), Michelle Kim (OHSU), Riddhi Desai (OHSU)

Pictured: Paige Riddle Covington (U Buffalo), Michelle Kim (OHSU), Riddhi Desai (OHSU)

OHSU Orthodontics 2018 graduate Riddhi Desai (right) was accepted for the Charley Schultz Resident Scholar Award competition at this year’s AAO. She presented her research as a poster on the TMJ and mandibular growth in children. Great job and way to represent OHSU, Rids!

Alumni Reception

This year’s AAO marked the return of OHSU Orthodontic alumni reception! Thanks to everyone for gathering! It was a ton of fun being able to connect with everyone. One of the OOAA’s missions is strengthening the connection between alumni and current residents. We hope to continue hosting these events and look forward to seeing you!

2019 Hixon Lecture Recap 

“Transformational Interdisciplinary Treatment”

Dr. Eladio DeLeon

Thanks to Dr. Jeff Nickel for the photos.

Thanks to Dr. Jeff Nickel for the photos.

On April 5th, 2019, it was our pleasure to have Dr. Eladio DeLeon for the annual Hixon lecture! Dr. DeLeon’s evidence-based discussion on late facial changes in adulthood is incredibly relevant in these times of an aging population interested in orthodontic changes. His clinical pearls and portfolio of cases on complex oral rehabilitation cases were truly impressive. The level of interdisciplinary coordination and attention to detail were fantastic examples for all orthodontists, new and experienced. It was an important to reminder just how transformative and life-changing orthodontic treatment can be with careful planning, coordination, and a meticulous eye for detail.

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