The OOAA consists of graduates of the OHSU School of Dentistry, Department of Orthodontics.  

Our mission is to enrich the experience of the OHSU orthodontic residents through direct financial and educational support of the department and its efforts, and to foster a family environment within the alumni association. Our goals and activities are listed below:

  • Raise funds ($5M goal) to offset the ever-increasing tuition for incoming residents through the Larry Doyle Scholarship.
  • Fund Tweed course tuition for the residents to expand their clinical knowledge and skills.
  • Fund GORP expenses to allow our residents to represent and promote our program on a national scale.
  • Fund resident expenses to attend national and regional orthodontic meetings.
  • Host the graduation dinner for the 3rd year residents.
  • Organize the annual Hixon Memorial lecture for our alumni.
  • Manage the mentorship program that pairs each new resident with a practicing OHSU ortho alum in the Portland area.
  • Long term endowment of a departmental chair.
  • Continue fiscal support of the department.
  • Provide opportunities for alumni to become more involved with the program and with each other.